Department of History - Dulles Hall.
Department of History - Dulles Hall.

Syllabi Archive

Course Number Course Name Instructor Termsort descending Syllabus
307 World War II Sample hist307.doc
543.03 History of India: Colonial India Sample hist54303.doc
559 History of Slavery in North America from Colonial Times to 1860 Sample hist559.doc
512.04 Europe 1900-1950 Sample hist51204.doc
519.02 East Central Europe since 1919 Sample hist51902.doc
533.02 Latin American History: South America since Independence Sample hist53302.doc
503.02 Early Roman Empire, 31 B.C.-A.D. 180 Sample hist50302.doc
325 Introduction to Women's History: The American Experience Sample hist325.doc
560 Westward Movement in American History Sample hist560.doc
122 African Civilizations, 1870 to the Present Sample hist122.doc
579.01 American Cultural and Intellectual History, 1789-1900 Sample hist57901.doc
514.03 England in the 20th Century Sample hist51403.doc
503.03 Later Roman Empire, A.D. 180-476 Sample hist50303.doc
H598 Senior Seminar (Honors) Sample histH59802.doc
330.01 Ancient and Medieval Jewish Civilization Sample hist32301.doc
512.05 Europe since 1950 Sample hist51205.doc
579.02 American Cultural and Intellectual History in the 20th Century Sample hist57902.doc
862.01 Sample hist86201.doc
536 History of Russia to 1725 Sample hist536.doc
504.01 War in the Ancient Mediterranean World Sample hist50401.doc
330.02 Modern Jewish Civilization Sample hist33002.doc
726 Studies in Jewish History Sample hist726.doc
561 History of American Science Sample hist561.doc
151 American Civilization to 1877 Sample hist151.doc
580.01 History of European Warfare from the Renaissance to 1870 Sample hist58001.doc
515.01 France, 1815-1914 Sample hist51501.doc
773 Studies in Business History Sample hist773.doc
519.03 Balkans from the Ottoman Conquest until World War I Sample hist51903.doc
538 History of the Soviet Union Sample hist538.doc
308 The Vietnam War Sample hist308.doc
546 Topics in Chinese History Sample hist546.doc
508.02 Medieval Europe II: 1100-1450 Sample hist50802.doc
562 History of American Medicine Sample hist562.doc
375 History of American Criminal Justice Sample hist375.doc
767 Studies in Military History hist767.doc
515.02 France in the 20th Century Sample hist51502.doc
774 History of American Law and Society Sample hist774.doc
827.01 Seminar in the History of the Islamic World I Sample hist82701.doc
542.01 Intellectual and Social Movements in the Muslim World Sample hist54201.doc
504.02 The Ancient Mediterranean City Sample hist50402.doc
310 History of Ohio Sample hist310.doc
508.03 Medieval England Sample hist50803.doc
331 The Holocaust Sample hist331.doc
513.01 The Age of Modernity in the 19th Century Sample hist51301.doc
581.01 European International History: 19th Century Sample hist58101.doc
862.02 Seminar in Jewish History II Sample hist86202.doc
548.02 Modern Japan Sample hist54802.doc
540.01 Core Regions of Islamic Worlds: Islamic Society, 610-1258 Sample hist54001.doc
505.01 Early Byzantine Empire Sample hist50101.doc
548.01 History of Japan before 1800 Sample hist54801.doc