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Department of History - Dulles Hall.

History of World War II Study Program



2015 Students at Omaha Beach

Our powerful interdisciplinary academic study abroad program is an in-depth look at how the Second World War helped shape contemporary issues, providing our program students a strong foundation for their future leadership roles—in their professions, communities, and in the world.

We welcome undergraduate students from diverse disciplines across campus to compete for the 20 places available. During spring semester, program students take three history and culture courses related to World War II that focus on interconnections between the United States and Europe.  These classes prepare students for a three-week tour during May semester of World War II sites: memorials, museums, and battlefields in London, Normandy, Paris, Krakow, and Berlin.



"In addition to deepening my understanding of World War II and its impact on different cultures, . . . this trip was very beneficial to me as an aspiring healthcare professional. In order to be effective in this field one must have the ability to understand and empathize with patients of different backgrounds. The experiences I’ve had on this trip helped me to realize the importance of these attributes, and I believe that I will be a better healthcare professional because of them."

Peter Yeager, Toledo, Pre-Med Major, WWII Class of 2015


Peter at Rangers Monument, Pont du Hoc, Normandy


Curriculum courses and study-abroad itinerary

During Spring term, students accepted into the program must take three classes.

  • History 3570, History of World War II, is a comprehensive military-political history of the war. 
  • History 3194, Group Studies in the Trans-national History of WWII in Europe, with Prof. Steigerwald, will be exclusively for program students and will study the specific histories relevant to each of our May travel sites. 
  • In German 3351, German culture from WWI to WWII in literature, film, and the other arts with Prof. John Davidson. 

Students with credit for History 2475, History of the Holocaust, may petition to replace History 3570 or German 3351.


History Professor David Steigerwald and German Professor John Davidson will lead the World War II May Semester Study Tour in 2016.


"This program allowed me to grow not only academically but as a person as well. I learned how to navigate unfamiliar streets and adjust to new customs. I learned how to communicate even if I didn't speak the native language. I learned how to see things from a different point of view. I met wonderful, fascinating people from around the globe and heard their stories and ideas. I left my comfort zone and experienced the world."

Caroline Klug, Salisbury, MD., History & Veterinary Medicine, WWII Class of 2015




Caroline lecturing on Jesse Owens at the scene of his great triumph.


Program Costs

Students are responsible for spring semester tuition and fees plus the study abroad program fee. The program fee for this study abroad program for 2015 was set at $3950. The fee includes all accommodations, all program field trips and excursions, interior travel from London to Berlin, and international health insurance.  Students are responsible for international airfare, pre-departure expenses (passport), non-group meals, and personal expenses.

The WWII Study Abroad Program has its own scholarship endowment, which includes awards that range from $750 to $2000, for which all accepted students are eligible.  Department scholarships are awarded through direct application to Prof. Steigerwald and are based on a combination of need, academic performance, and extent of previous international experience. 



"This was not a mere, regular study abroad program. . . . The WWII Study Aboard program not only allowed me to take in the history of battle, struggle, and perseverance within Europe during World War II, but it also gave me a family, a ‘Band of Brothers’ if you will. My fellow study-abroad classmates enriched the experience for me and together we created an inseparable bond with lasting memories. Even though my main academic focus is Medicine and not History, I truly feel like I became a Historian through . . . this study abroad trip."

Jose Polanco, Columbus, Neuroscience/Pre-Med Major, WWII Class of 2015


Jose on the London Eye



"The WWII Study Tour allowed me to connect my classroom learning to other cultures and ideas while being challenged by my peers.  History is alive—and we have the opportunity to discover it in some of the most interesting and historical places in Europe.  The program expanded my understanding of the world and reignited my enthusiasm for learning about not only history, but differing global perspectives"

Taylor Schaar, History Major, WWII Class of 2015


Taylor in a German bunker, Normandy


Application Process

Students must have a 3.0 GPA, and at least 30 semester hours completed to be accepted. A letter of application, student advising report, and a letter of reference from an Ohio State University professor or staff person is due on October 15, 2015. Applications will be accepted only through the Study Abroad web site.

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Professor David Steigerwald at or Tiffany Pierskalla at at the Office of International Affairs—Study Abroad

Please contact Professor Steigerwald directly with questions regarding Department of History scholarships at



2015 Class at Jesse Owens Allee