Department of History - Dulles Hall.
Department of History - Dulles Hall.


100-Level Courses
One hundred level courses cover broad area of historical investigation. They are designed for first and second year students and are usually taken to fulfill the GEC historical survey requirement.

300-Level Courses
Three hundred level courses cover fewer years, go into more detail, employ more sophisticated analysis and methodology, and require more reading of primary and secondary works. They are designed for a mix of history majors, non-majors, and prospective majors at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels.

500-Level Courses
Five hundred level courses are usually more narrow in chronological scope, more sophisticated in the lecture material, discussions, and readings, and require more readings of primary and secondary sources. Most but not all of the students will be juniors and seniors and will have taken other history courses before registering for a 500-level course. A higher level of understanding, analytical ability and written expression in short essay and essay forms in expected. Some instructors assign research papers.

Graduate Level Courses
700, 800, and 900-Level courses are graduate courses for the graduate studies program.

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Course Number Titlesort descending Level Course Description Field of Study
540.02 Core Regions of Islamic Worlds: History of Iran Undergraduate

A history of Iran in the Islamic period, focusing on nomadic-urban interaction and Iranian culture.

Islamic History
540.01 Core Regions of Islamic Worlds: Islamic Society, 610-1258 Undergraduate

Origins and early development of selected fundamental Islamic institutions in their historical and cultural context.

Islamic History
540.04 Core Regions of Islamic Worlds: Middle East in the 19th Century Undergraduate

Modernization of the Middle East, from the early autocratic modernizers to the 19th century; economic, social, political, and intellectual transformations; modern Middle East in world perspective.

Islamic History
540.05 Core Regions of Islamic Worlds: Middle East in the 20th Century Undergraduate

Modernization of the Middle East in the 20th century.

Islamic History
540.03 Core Regions of Islamic Worlds: Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800 Undergraduate

The Ottoman Empire from frontier warrior band to world power to "Sick Man of Europe"; factors in upsurge and decline; cultural interaction with the West.

Islamic History
355 History of Afghanistan Undergraduate

This course will introduce students to Afghan society, its historical foundations, and the challenges that confront it.

Islamic History
542.01 Intellectual and Social Movements in the Muslim World Undergraduate

Examination of significant Muslim intellectual and social movements from the advent of Islam until the present.

Islamic History
340 Islam, Politics, and Society in History Undergraduate

Elaboration of prophetic message of Islam into governing principles of Islamic polity and society; evolution of these principles over the centuries.

Islamic History
343 Islamic Central Asia Undergraduate

Introductory survey of the political, cultural, religious and economic history of islamic central Asia from the eighth-century Arab conquests to the nineteenth-century Russian colonial era.

Islamic History
827.01 Seminar in the History of the Islamic World I Graduate

Research topic to be announced.

Islamic History
827.02 Seminar in the History of the Islamic World II Graduate

Continuation of 827.01.

Islamic History
727 Studies in Islamic History Undergraduate and Graduate

Selected topics in Islamic history and historiography.

Islamic History
541.02 Wider Islamic World: History of Islam in Africa Undergraduate

Examination of the history and spread of Islam in Africa and its impact on African social, economic, and political institutions.

Islamic History
541.01 Wider Islamic World: Islamic Spain and North Africa Undergraduate

Major problems in history and culture of Islamic Spain (712-1492) and North Africa (641-present), including Egypt; special emphasis on nomadism and revivalism.

Islamic History
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