Department of History - Dulles Hall.
Department of History - Dulles Hall.


100-Level Courses
One hundred level courses cover broad area of historical investigation. They are designed for first and second year students and are usually taken to fulfill the GEC historical survey requirement.

300-Level Courses
Three hundred level courses cover fewer years, go into more detail, employ more sophisticated analysis and methodology, and require more reading of primary and secondary works. They are designed for a mix of history majors, non-majors, and prospective majors at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels.

500-Level Courses
Five hundred level courses are usually more narrow in chronological scope, more sophisticated in the lecture material, discussions, and readings, and require more readings of primary and secondary sources. Most but not all of the students will be juniors and seniors and will have taken other history courses before registering for a 500-level course. A higher level of understanding, analytical ability and written expression in short essay and essay forms in expected. Some instructors assign research papers.

Graduate Level Courses
700, 800, and 900-Level courses are graduate courses for the graduate studies program.

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Course Number Title Level Course Description Field of Studysort descending
807.01 Seminar in Medieval History I Graduate

Research topic to be announced.

Medieval History
807.02 Seminar in Medieval History II Graduate

Continuation of 807.01.

Medieval History
506 History of Early Christianity Undergraduate and Graduate

Christian origins and expansion to 600 A.D.; conflict with Roman Empire; internal dissent; basic institutions; Christian intellectuals; the imperial established church; monasticism; papacy; the barbarians and Christianity.

Medieval History
508.01 Medieval Europe I: 300-1100 Undergraduate and Graduate

Europe 300-1100; Roman decline, Christianization of Europe, barbarian invasions; Carolingian renaissance; early feudalism and manorialism; investiture contest; crusades; economic and intellectual revival.

Medieval History
508.02 Medieval Europe II: 1100-1450 Undergraduate and Graduate

Europe 1100-1500; the 12th-century Renaissance; classical feudalism; rise of Christendom; the great economic revival; universities and scholasticism; religious dissent; and 14th-century crises.

Medieval History
508.03 Medieval England Undergraduate and Graduate

England from the Roman conquest to 1485; Anglo-Saxon society and institutions; the Norman conquest; law and Parliament; social, intellectual, and economic growth of the English people.

Medieval History
706.01 Advanced Readings in Medieval History Graduate

Advanced reading course in sources and monographs on the principal issues and problems in medieval history, with a stress on bibliography.

Medieval History
706.02 Late Medieval Paleography and Diplomatics Undergraduate and Graduate

Cursive hands in literature and diplomas, 1200-1500; the development of chanceries; notariats, secretariats, and the science of diplomatics; exercises with facsimiles, slides, and microfilm.

Medieval History
507 History of Medieval Christianity Undergraduate

The late ancient and early medieval church; the papacy and the Carolingians; the Cluniac reform; the new monasticism; heresy; the problems of late medieval Christianity.

Medieval History
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