Department of History - Dulles Hall.
Department of History - Dulles Hall.


Cover Title Authorsort ascending Publisher Publication Date Post Date
History and Future Goldberg Center Director David Staley Lexington Books 2010 03/01/2010
Cover of book Brain, Mind and Internet Associate Professor David Staley Palgrave Macmillan 2014 09/11/2014
Wives, Widows, and Concubines: The Conjugal Family Ideal in Colonial India Associate Professor Mytheli Sreenivas Indiana University Press 2008 06/16/2008
Secret Gardens, Satanic Mills Associate Professor Birgitte Soland Indiana University Press 2004 02/04/2005
Gender, Kinship and Power: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary History Associate Professor Birgitte Soland Routledge 1995 12/11/1995
Gender and the Mexican Revolution: Yucatán Women and the Realities of Patriarchy Associate Professor Stephanie Smith University of North Carolina Press 2009 05/08/2009
Africa and World War II Professor Ahmad Sikainga Cambridge University Press 2015 09/30/2015
City of Steel and Fire: A Social History of Atbara, Sudan's Railway Town, 1906-1984 Professor Ahmad Alawad Sikainga James Currey 2011 03/01/2003
Civil War in the Sudan Professor Ahmad Alawad Sikainga I. B. Tauris 1992 04/01/1992
For Peace and Money: French and British Finance in the Service of Tsars and Commissars Associate Professor Jennifer Siegel Oxford University Press 2014 10/30/2014
Intelligence and Statecraft Associate Professor Jennifer Siegel Praeger Publishers 2005 05/04/2005
Endgame: Britain, Russia and the Final Struggle for Central Asia Associate Professor Jennifer Siegel I. B. Tauris 2002 03/04/2002
What a Woman Ought to Be and to Do: Black Professional Women Workers during the Jim Crow Era Associate Professor Stephanie J. Shaw University Of Chicago Press 1996 05/15/1996
W.E.B. DuBois and the Souls of Black Folk Professor Stephanie Shaw University of North Carolina Press 2013 08/09/2013
The Formation of Papal Authority in Late Antique Italy: Roman Bishops and the Domestic Sphere Professor Kristina Sessa Cambridge University Press 2011 11/01/2011
The Democratic Dilemma: Religion, Reform, and the Social Order in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont, 1791–1850 Professor Randolph A. Roth Cambridge University Press 2003 10/01/2003
American Homicide Professor Randolph Roth Harvard University Press 2009 09/29/2009
Imperatores Victi: Military Defeat and Aristocractic Competition in the Middle and Late Republic Professor Nathan Rosenstein University of California Press 1990 10/02/1990
Rome at War Professor Nathan Rosenstein University of North Carolina Press 2004 04/05/2004
The Breakup of Yugoslavia and Its Aftermath Professor Carole Rogel ABC-CLIO Greenwood 2004 03/30/2004


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