Department of History - Dulles Hall.
Department of History - Dulles Hall.


Cover Title Author Publisher Publication Datesort ascending Post Date
Accident Prone: A History of Technology, Psychology, and Misfits of the Machine Age Professor John Burnham University of Chicago Press 2009 07/28/2009
American Homicide Professor Randolph Roth Harvard University Press 2009 09/29/2009
Understanding Literacy in its Historical Contexts: Socio-Cultural History and the Legacy of Egil Johansson Ohio Eminent Scholar in Literacy Studies and Professor of English and History Harvey J. Graff Nordic Academic Press 2009 10/01/2009
Islamic Central Asia: An Anthology of Historical Sources Associate Professor Scott C. Levi Indiana University Press 2009 12/13/2009
Women Build the Welfare State: Performing Charity and Creating Rights in Argentina, 1880-1955 Professor Donna Guy Duke University Press 2009 12/22/2008
Dean Acheson and the Creation of an American World Order Professor Robert McMahon Potomac Books 2009 01/14/2009
Baghdad at Sunrise Peter R. Mansoor Yale University Press 2008 09/01/2008
The Arab Lands under Ottoman Rule, 1516-1800 Professor Jane Hathaway Publisher: Pearson/Longman [Routledge] 2008 06/04/2008
Victory Girls, Khaki-Wackies, and Patriotutes: The Regulation of Female Sexuality During World War II Senior Lecturer Marilyn Hegarty New York University Press 2008 01/10/2008
The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare Professor Geoffrey Parker Camridge University Press 2008 09/01/2008
The Rise of Modern Business: Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Japan, and China Professor Mansel G. Blackford The University of North Carolina Press 2008 05/01/2008
Wives, Widows, and Concubines: The Conjugal Family Ideal in Colonial India Associate Professor Mytheli Sreenivas Indiana University Press 2008 06/16/2008
The Dallas Myth: The Making and Unmaking of an American City Professor Harvey J. Graff University of Minnesota Press 2008 06/24/2008
We Shall Independent Be: African American Place Making and the Struggle to Claim Space in the United States Associate Professor Leslie Alexander University Press of Colorado 2008 09/26/2008
African or American?: Black Identity and Political Activism in New York City, 1784-1861 Associate Professor Leslie Alexander University of Illinois Press 2008 10/23/2008
The Victorian Eye: A Political History of Light and Vision in Britain, 1800-1910 Associate Professor Christopher Otter University of Chicago Press 2008 12/03/2008
Literacy and Historical Development: A Reader Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of English and History Harvey Graff Southern Illinois University Press 2007 12/11/2007
Peopling the Russian Periphery: Borderland Colonization in Eurasian History Associate Professor Nicholas B. Breyfogle Routledge Taylor and Francis Group 2007 11/08/2007
Contested Rituals: Circumcision, Kosher Butchering, and Jewish Political Life in Germany, 1843-1933 Associate Professor Robin Judd Cornell University Press 2007 09/11/2007
Nests of the Gentry: Family Estate, and Local Loyalties in Provincial Russia Associate Professor Mary W. Cavender University of Delaware Press 2007 05/04/2007


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