Department of History - Dulles Hall.
Department of History - Dulles Hall.


Cover Title Authorsort ascending Publisher Publication Date Post Date
Cover image for Cultivating the Masses. Cultivating the Masses: Modern State Practices and Soviet Socialism, 1914-1939 Professor David L. Hoffmann Cornell University Press 2011 11/02/2011
Russian Modernity: Politics, Knowledge, Practices Professor David L. Hoffman Macmillan Publishers Ltd. 2000 09/04/2000
Peasant Metropolis: Social Identities in Moscow, 1929-1941 Professor David L. Hoffman Cornell University Press 2000 03/04/2000
Stalinism: The Essential Readings Professor David L. Hoffman Blackwell Publishers 2002 05/04/2003
Stalinist Values: The Cultural Norms of Soviet Mondernity, 1917-1941 Professor David L. Hoffman Cornell University Press 2003 07/04/2003
The Center of a Great Empire: The Ohio Country in the Early Republic Director History Teaching Institute Stuart Hobbs Ohio University Press 2005 09/15/2005
Authorship and Publicity Before Print: Jean Gerson and the Transformation of Late Medieval Learning Associate Professor Daniel Hobbins University of Pennsylvania Press 2009 03/12/2009
Singapore in Global History Assistant Professor Derek Heng Amsterdam University Press 2011 07/15/2011
The Thirty Years War: A Documentary History Assistant Professor Tryntje Helfferich Hackett Publishing 2009 05/11/2009
The Iron Princess: Amalia Elisabeth and the Thirty Years War Associate Professor Tryntje Helfferich Harvard University Press 2013 08/09/2013
On the Freedom of a Christian: With Related Texts Associate Professor Tryntje Helfferich Hackett Publishing Company 2013 02/04/2014
The Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science Emeritus John L. Heilbron Oxford University Press 2003 02/01/2003
Victory Girls, Khaki-Wackies, and Patriotutes: The Regulation of Female Sexuality During World War II Senior Lecturer Marilyn Hegarty New York University Press 2008 01/10/2008
A Tale of Two Factions: Myth, Memory, and Identity in Ottoman Egypt and Yemen Professor Jane Hathaway State University of New York Press 2003 10/01/2003
Beshir Agha: Chief Eunuch of the Ottoman Imperial Harem Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies Jane Hathaway Oneworld Publications 2006 04/28/2006
The Politics of Households in Ottoman Egypt Professor Jane Hathaway Cambridge University Press 2002 04/01/2002
The Arab Lands under Ottoman Rule, 1516-1800 Professor Jane Hathaway Publisher: Pearson/Longman [Routledge] 2008 06/04/2008
Al-Jabarti's History of Egypt Professor Jane Hathaway Markus Wiener Publishers 2009 01/31/2009
Rebellion, Repression, Reinvention: Mutiny in Comparative Perspective Professor Jane Hathaway ABC- CLIO Praeger 2001 07/01/2001
The Other Feminists: Activists in the Liberal Establishment Professor Susan M. Hartmann Yale University Press 1998 12/21/1998


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