Gunpowder and Galleys

From the publisher site:

Lauded as one of the finest books in the field of naval history, this comprehensive account of sixteenth-century galley warfare includes detailed descriptions of all major actions in the Mediterranean and around the Arabian peninsula. First published in 1974 and recently revised, the work is packed with technological insights into the strategy and tactics of galley warfare between the Ottoman Empire and its Spanish and Portuguese opponents. Among the many facets author John Guilmartin discusses are how the strategic considerations in galley warfare are substantially different from those in campaigns involving galleons or ships of the line, why the 1571 victory at Lepanto failed to have any long-term strategic consequences, and how the arquebus and musket proved more suitable for action aboard ship than the crossbow or Turkish composite bow. This updated edition also includes new research into the orders of battle and ballistics, gunnery, and cannon founding.

Guilmartin Jr., John F
Gunpowder and Galleys