Russian, East-European and Eurasian Seminar: Papers

February 25, 2019
Jonathon Dreeze

Fatalistic Hopelessness: The Crisis and Tepid recovery of Soviet Propaganda in Kazakhstan 1929-1939

November 21, 2016
Ana Siljak, Queen's University
Sigmund Freud, Sublimation, and the Russian Silver Age

April 14, 2016
Brenna Miller, The Ohio State University
Bosnian Muslims and Socialist Yugoslavia's Interional Relations Program in the 1950s and 1960s

March 24, 2016
Paul Niebrzydowski, The Ohio State University
The American “Postwar” Relief Mission in Wartime Poland, 1919-1923

December 2, 2015
Joshua Sanborn, Lafayette College
Imperial Apocalypse: The Great War and the Destruction of the Russian Empire

April 1, 2015
Robert Crews, Stanford University
"Leaving the ‘Graveyard of Empires': On Rethinking the Past and Present of Afghanistan" [pdf]

October 17, 2014
Dr. Denise Youngblood
"A Weapon in the Cold War: Sergei Bondarchuk's War and Peace [pdf]."

September 19, 2014 
Yanni Kotsonis, New York University 
"Taxation in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union" [pdf]

September 20, 2013
Danielle Fosler-Lussier, OSU Musicology
"'Bug, are you listening?': Musical Relations between the U.S. and The U.S.S.R." [pdf]

April 12, 2013
Benjamin Nathans, University of Pennsylvania
"From the Other Shore: Amnesty International and Soviet Dissidents" [pdf]

February 22, 2013
Mark Sokolsky, OSU History
"Settling the seacoast: Ecology and national conflict in Russia's Maritime Province" [pdf]

November 2, 2012
Ian Lanzillotti, Ohio State University
"Interethnic Conflict and Accommodation in the North Caucasus: Kabardians, Colonizers, and Mountaineers from Tsarist Conquest to Soviet National Border Delimitation." [pdf]

September 28, 2012
Tara Zahra, University of Chicago
"Travel Agents on Trial: Policing Mobility in Late Imperial Austria [pdf]

October 16, 2012
Douglas Northrop, University of Michigan
"Earthquakes and Empire in Eurasia" [pdf]

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