Purchasing Guidelines & Procedures


All employees involved in the use of university funds are responsible for compliance with all applicable university policies.

P-Card Guidelines

·         No sales tax
·         Must have itemized receipt
·         Max tip amount = 20% (if this is exceeded the funds will need to be repaid to OSU)
·         Max alcohol per person = $20 (if this is exceeded the funds will need to be repaid to OSU)

Business Meals Guidelines

·         No sales tax if paid by p-card (mention when ordering and check when bill comes. If they charge it by accident ask for it to be credited off)
·         Limit $20 per person for alcohol
·         Tip cannot be higher than 20%
·         Must submit itemized receipt
·         Only 4 OSU individuals plus the guest per meal.

Key Contracts (No Exceptions)

·         Beverages: Coke products only: includes water (Dasani) and orange juice (Minute Maid).
·         Express Mailing: UPS
·         Supplies: Staples

All Contracts

·         The Department does not have the authority to sign for contracts. All contracts must be signed by Purchasing. Please send your contracts to Steve or Chris who will route it for signatures.

Payments to Individuals for Services

·         Payments to non-employees: requests to pay an individual for a service (subvention, proofreading, indexing, research, etc.) need to be submitted and approved and a PO needs created before work begins. The vendor must also be set up (submit form to Chris) and approved before work can begin. Please provide business purpose, dates of service, estimated # of hours and proposed hourly rate. Work cannot begin until you receive approval from either Chris or Steve.  


·         A new computer is provided every 4 years through the ASC Tech refresh cycle. You may use your research funds to purchase an additional computer. All computer purchases must be made through ASC Tech. The computer is then encrypted and tagged. Please contact Steve for details.

Policy Exceptions

·         When policies aren’t followed it is necessary to complete a Policy Exception Form and have it signed by the individual who violated policy, the Administrative Manager and the Department Chair. It then goes to the College for approval/denial. This process can be lengthy and it can take 3 weeks or more for the College to approve or deny the exception. Only once it has been approved will the transaction (reimbursement, paying vendor, etc.) move forward.

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