Travel Procedures


The objective of the Travel Policy is to ensure efficiency and fiscal accountability for university business travel. The University will pay for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred for authorized business travel. All travel expenses paid with university funds must comply with the University’s Expenditures, PCard, Internal Controls, Purchasing, and Human Resources policies. Travelers need to familiarize themselves with the travel policy prior to making travel arrangements.

Key Items to Remember:


  • A travel number (T#) must be obtained at least two weeks before you depart for your trip. This should include the business purpose of your trip, dates of travel, location and estimated budget.
  • All flights and rental cars must be purchased using the Concur Booking Tool. Please go to: and click “Book Travel Online” if you wish to book the travel online and it is business travel only. If it is your first time logging in, you will need to create a user profile to book your travel online. Click “Contact a Travel Agent” if you wish to purchase the airfare by phone, OR if you are combining personal travel with business travel. You will always need to contact a travel agent by phone if combining personal and business travel.
  • All receipts turned in must be itemized and show proof of payment.
  • Receipts must be submitted within 90 days for a reimbursement, and within 30 days for cash advances.
    • If receipts are not in English they must be translated prior to submitting for reimbursement
  • Please follow government guidelines for lodging rates and meal per diems both domestic and international.
  • If personal travel will be combined with business travel you cannot pre-pay any expenses and you need to specify that personal travel will be included so a travel comparison form can be completed.
  • If driving, you will be reimbursed the lesser between the mileage rate vs. the cost of a flight comparison. A travel comparison form will be required.
  • Cash advances may be allowed and can only be submitted within 2 weeks from travel departure. It can be up to 100% of budget for a graduate student for both domestic and international travel and only 80% of budget for a faculty member and only on international travel.
  • For meal per diem purposes any meal that is provided to you free of charge must be conveyed when seeking reimbursement so it can be deducted from the calculation (whether or not you took advantage of the free meal).
  • For flights:  travel insurance, seat levels other than economy seating and additional add-ons are not reimbursable (exception: economy plus or business class is permitted on flight legs > 5 consecutive hours).

Rental Car

  • Rental cars must be purchased online using the Concur Booking Tool. You are required to use either Enterprise or National. If Enterprise or National is not available then another company can be used provided there is documentation before the trip and you must purchase LDW, CDW, DW, and Liability Insurance. This insurance is already included when you use Enterprise or National on the Concur Booking Tool.

When these policies aren’t followed it is necessary to complete a Policy Exception Form and have that signed by the traveler, Administrative Manager and the Department Chair. It then goes to the College for approval/denial. This process can be lengthy and it can take 3 weeks or more for the College to approve or deny the exception. Reimbursements therefore will be significantly delayed.

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