Alison Beach's Research Reveals Woman's Role in Medieval Manuscript Illustration

January 10, 2019
Professor Alison Beach

Several flecks of blue pigment discovered to be lapis lazuli were found in the teeth of a female skeleton in Dalheim, Germany. The discovery led to exciting new revelations about women's role in medieval book illustration. Professor Beach and other researchers have just published a paper, Medieval women's early involvement in manuscript production suggested by lapis lazuli identification in dental calculus (A. Radini, M. Tromp, A. Beach, E. Tong, C. Speller, M. McCormick, J. V. Dudgeon, M. J. Collins, F. Rühli, R. Kröger, C. Warinner), in Science Advances about the discovery.

(Read the press release from the Max Planck-Institut)

Professor Beach has been interviewed by several media outlets about the research. Links to some of them are below: