"Crisis of Conscience" latest article by Professor David Stebenne

July 1, 2016
Professor David Stebenne

Published June 30th on the Huffington Post web site, "Crisis of Conscience" by Prof. David Stebenne explores the challenge conservative Christians face during this presidential election campaign. The article begins,

"Conservative Christians find themselves in something of a quandary with respect to this year’s presidential election. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton appeals to them, and that’s putting it mildly. Both Trump and Clinton are positively off-putting to most mainstream evangelicals, albeit for somewhat different reasons.

Given that most conservative Christians tend to vote Republican in presidential elections, this situation is much more of a problem for Trump and the GOP than it is for the Clinton and the Democrats. Without strong support from conservative Christians, Trump seems highly unlikely to amass an electoral-college majority. Indeed, the GOP’s revival at the presidential level under Reagan and the two Bushes was built upon that base, combined with support from free-market conservatives, some of whom were religious and some of whom were not." (Read more.)