Kip Curtis Interviewed about Micro-farms Project

April 11, 2018
Professor Kip Curtis

Professor Kip Curtis was recently interviewed on WKSU radio about his sustainability project at OSU Mansfield. Audio of the program is available here.

From the web site:

Ohio State University is piloting a project that could provide more food and jobs to the cities that need them.
Kip Curtis, an assistant professor at the Mansfield campus, helped build the first micro-farm there last year in a parking lot.
Curtis believes expanding micro-farms throughout Mansfield can help combat certain issues.
“Mansfield, Ohio, emerged as really kind of a right-sized city to begin to test the project, facing the kind of issues we want to address with the food," Curtis says. "Low income — because of loss of jobs — low performance in schools and a number of dire related health issues.”
The micro-farms start at one-third of an acre.
Ohio State contributed $160,000 for the pilot.
Curtis plans to apply for a $2 million grant from the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research.