Margaret Newell Panelist on Making New Worlds Podcast

December 5, 2017
Professor Margaret Newell

Have you ever wondered who owns Mars? That's just one of the topics of the Making New Worlds podcast series by Erika Nesvold. Erika is a Ph.D. astrophysicist and a lifelong space travel enthusiast. Prof. Margaret Newell was a panelist on episodes 3 and 4 of the series.

(Podcast 3 description from Once we’ve taken that giant leap for mankind and have set foot on a new world, we have to ask: Who actually owns the land we’re standing on? If you’re planning on making your fortune in space by mining or farming or building new habitats, how do you get the rights to work that territory? Do we want to use the same capitalist land-ownership system a lot of us use here on Earth, or is it time for a new way of handling property? Is it even legally possible to own land in space?

We talk to space lawyer Laura Montgomery about the current legal status of property rights in space. Sociologist Debbie Becher gives us an idea of why property rights matter in a society. And colonial historian Margaret Newell explains how property rights were distributed in the early American colonies. Listen here.