Moderate Religiosity topic of latest HuffPost blog by Professor Stebenne

April 1, 2016
Professor David Stebenne

"Moderate Religiosity and Modern American Presidential Politics" is the latest Huffington blog post by Professor David Stebenne. It begins,

"As March draws to a close and April opens, front runners (in the form of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) have emerged in the presidential primaries and caucuses that are being conducted by both of the two major parties. Those results are revealing for what they say about religiosity in modern American presidential politics.

Let’s start first with the Democrats. By the time of the first major electoral contest (the Iowa caucuses), the field had been winnowed essentially to a choice between former U.S. Senator from New York and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Beginning with the results of those caucuses on February 1st through the end of March, Clinton emerged as the heavy favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination. In so doing, she has been helped by her moderate religiosity, which poses a significant contrast with Sanders’ secularism." (Read more.