The Migration, Mobility, and Immobility (MMI) Project During Moving Subjects Week

October 21, 2019
Moving Subjects Week

During 14-19 October, Prof. Theodora Dragostinova led the Migration, Mobility, and Immobility (MMI) Project during their celebration of Moving Subjects Week, which featured talks, performances, book readings, and student-led events on the topic of global mobility. Becca Heller, the director of the International Refugee Assistance Project, delivered the keynote address, “Refugee Rights at the Crossroads,” which was moderated by Prof. Hasan Jeffries. Prof. Daniel Rivers spoke during Indigenous Peoples’ Day while graduate students Dancy Benson and Daniela Edmeier presented on their research. Many thanks to Prof. Robin Judd and graduate student Chris Kinley who are also a part of the MMI team.

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