The Passing of G. Micheal Riley

August 30, 2017
Micheal Riley
The Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University expresses its sorrow upon the death on August 6, 2017, of G. Micheal Riley, Professor Emeritus of the Department of History and former Dean of the College of Humanities.
Dean Riley held a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and received his Master’s and PhD degrees from the University of New Mexico. He spent his early career teaching history at Colorado State University and Marquette University. In 1972, Dean Riley joined the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in both scholarly and administrative roles, first as an associate professor and Director of the Center for Latin America, and later as the Acting Chairman for the Department of Linguistics. He came to The Ohio State University in 1983 as the Dean of the College of Humanities, a position he held for ten years. Dean Riley remained at Ohio State as a Professor in the Department of History, specializing in Mexico and Latin America, until his retirement in 2002.
As an historian, Dean Riley is known for his monograph Fernando Cortés and the Marquesado in Morelos, 1522-1547, an examination of Cortés’s vast holdings in central and southern Mexico, which were key to colonial Mexico’s development in the aftermath of the Spanish conquest.
On behalf of the university community, the Board of Trustees expresses to the family of Professor G. Micheal Riley its deepest sympathy and sense of understanding of their loss. It is directed that this resolution be inscribed upon the minutes of the Board of Trustees and that a copy be tendered to his family as an expression of the board’s heartfelt sympathy.