Peter Mansoor Interviewed on Voices of America

July 13, 2020
Peter Mansoor
Professor Peter Mansoor was a recent guest on Voices of America. The program titled, "US Civilian/Miltary Firewall Tested by Trump Photo Op" (VOA/Phillips) is available here.
Program Description:
HOST INTRO: By both law and longstanding tradition, the United States military must be kept separate from domestic politics and law enforcement, except under rare and specific circumstances. This was put to the test early last month, when peaceful demonstrators were tear gassed and forcibly dispersed from Lafayette Square across from the White House to make way for President Trump to walk with federal military leaders and other to pose for a photo opportunity at a nearby church.
To find out more about the legal issues at stake in the controversy that followed, and the historic separation between military and civil society in the US generally, VOA’s Adam Phillips spoke via Zoom with Ohio State University military history professor Peter Mansoor. Mansoor is a retired US Army colonel and the co-editor of the recent book "The Culture of Military Organizations."