"The Republicans' Religious Problem", by Prof. David Stebenne

January 22, 2016
Professor David Stebenne

"The Republicans' Religious Problem", by Prof. David Stebenne appeared in the Jan. 12, 2016 issue of the Huffington Post blog. The blog post begins:

"The Republicans have a religion problem of a kind neither major party has ever had before. The GOP has become the preferred choice of the intensely religious, and that is seriously affecting how Republicans choose their 2016 presidential nominee. In Iowa, the first place where delegates to the 2016 GOP national convention will be chosen, surveys suggest that most participants in the GOP caucuses will be evangelical Christians for whom religion is the central thing in their lives, not just one source of values. Of course, not every state is like Iowa, but enough of them now are to give those kinds of Republicans a disproportionate share of influence within the GOP. And that is a problem for the Republicans this year precisely because intensely religious voters are putting pressure on the party to choose a nominee outside the mainstream of the nation's general electorate when it comes to matters of religion."

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