Sara Butler Discusses Lawlessness in the Middle Ages

August 22, 2017
Professor Sara Butler

"From Game of Thrones to Steven Pinker: Just how lawless were the Middle Ages?" is the latest post by Prof. Butler on Legal History Miscellany. The article begins,

"Game of Thrones (GoT) season is here again, and along with it comes the perpetuation of an image of the Middle Ages as a lawless society in which violence is ubiquitous and bears no consequences. Watching the show leaves this medieval history professor squirming while thinking about the upcoming year of damage control in a classroom chockfull of students who trust that GoT is an accurate representation of the Wars of the Roses (although, thankfully, there is some skepticism about the dragons). Of course, it is too easy to heap blame on Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino was certainly not the first to equate 'medieval' with 'barbaric.' Accusations of medieval savagery crop up on a fairly regular basis in the academic world, and date as far back as the nineteenth-century... " (Read the rest.)