Syrian War Topic of Recent Interview of Peter Mansoor

February 22, 2018
Peter Mansoor

Professor Peter Mansoor weighed in on the war in Syria on a recent "Amanpour on PBS" episode. 

"I think what we are seeing in Syria is the war is entering a different stage. The defeat of ISIS has been accomplished. The Islamic State has been destroyed and now various regional powers and indigenous powers are vying for their more longer term goals in the country. For the Syrian government and its allies, Iran and Russia, that would be a contiguous state that includes most of what they call the usable Syria, the western and central portions of the country. For Turkey that means that they'll bump up against the U.S. allies, the Kurdish forces in the northern part of the country that were allied with us in besieging Raqqa and taking down the Islamic State." -- Prof. Mansoor

Video of the program is available here.