Julie M. Powell

Graduate Student

BS, The Ohio State University (2005); MA, San Francisco State University (2014)

Julie M. Powell is a graduate student of modern European history at The Ohio State University. Her research interests include interwar French culture and the impact of war on personal and national identities. Her research has appeared in several publications, including the UCLA Historical Journal, the University of Toronto's Past Tense: A Graduate Review of History, and ABC-Clio's Disasters and Tragic Events: An Encyclopedia of Catastrophes in American History. She is a recipient of the Phi Alpha Theta Andrew Nels Cleven Founder's Prize.

Through her research at The Ohio State University, Julie aims to examine the ways in which the design of, and culture surrounding, early-twentieth-century prosthetics facilitated and/or frustrated the social reintegration of France’s war-wounded, and, further, to determine the impact of such devices on the reconstruction of personal—and by extension, national—identities, following the First World War.

Areas of Expertise
  • Modern European History
  • Military History
  • Environment, Technology, and Science
  • Human Conflict, Peace, and Diplomacy

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