Encyclopedia of African American History

A fresh compilation of essays and entries based on the latest research, this work documents African American culture and political activism from the slavery era through the 20th century.

Of the 11 million Africans shipped across the Atlantic beginning in the 16th century, around 500,000 were sent to North America. As their descendants and other immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa have struggled for equality, legal protection, and the opportunities of the American promise, they have left an indelible imprint on virtually every aspect of American life.

Encyclopedia of African American History introduces readers to the significant people, events, sociopolitical movements, and ideas that have shaped African American life from earliest contact between African peoples and Europeans through the late 20th century.

This encyclopedia places the African American experience in the context of the entire African diaspora, with entries organized in sections on African/European contact and enslavement, culture, resistance and identity during enslavement, political activism from the Revolutionary War to Southern emancipation, political activism from Reconstruction to the modern Civil Rights movement, black nationalism and urbanization, and Pan-Africanism and contemporary black America. Based on the latest scholarship and engagingly written, there is no better go-to reference for exploring the history of African Americans and their distinctive impact on American society, politics, business, literature, art, food, clothing, music, language, and technology.

Ӣ Contributions from over 100 specialists on African America and the African diaspora
Ӣ A spectacular selection of illustrations and photographs, such as a Kongo cosmogram, the African burial ground in New York City, and maps of the Triangular Trade and the Underground Railroad

Ӣ Gathers and presents detailed information about African American culture and resistance movements that has previously not received extensive analysis
Ӣ Offers a fresh interpretation of African Americans in the United States, by placing people and events in the context of the African diaspora
Ӣ Features introductory essays from distinguished scholars in the fields of African American and African diaspora history
Alexander, Leslie