Carmen Canvas FAQs


Below are some frequently asked questions about Carmen Canvas. Please note: Carmen Canvas is constantly evolving so some of the FAQ answers may not always be up-to-date. Every effort will be made to update them when Carmen Canvas changes occur. If you have specific questions or would like training on the software, please contact Laura Seeger (614.292.3831) in the Goldberg Center for assistance.


Where can I find a Canvas Instructor Guide?
A  very good guide is available here, however, our installation of the software may vary a bit from the information in the guide. There is also info available on the ODEE web site here.


How do I copy course content from a master course to a semester course shell?
First “create” your new semester course by clicking on the red cog wheel to the right of the course name on your Carmen home page. (Just a tip: Once it’s created, you’ll want to make sure you don’t click the publish button until you are ready for it to be live.) Then go to the semester course shell’s home page and follow these instructions.


How can I add someone to my course?
On the home page that lists all of your courses, to the right of the course name you want to add someone to, there is a cog icon. Click on that. A pop up box will appear and prompt you to add a participant. Be sure to select the correct "role" before adding them. Once you have entered a role it cannot be changed. (The default role is "student".) If you accidentally give someone the wrong role, you can add them a second time with the correct role.


How can I email my students?
Start on your class home page. In the vertical sidebar to the far left side of the screen click on “Inbox”. At the top right side of the page, in the horizontal navigation bar, click on the feather icon. Then select your course name from the dropdown list. Click on the silhouette of a person icon and select who you would like to send the message to from the dropdown list. You can send a message to your entire class, or select students. Add your subject line and, type your message and click “send”.


How can I change the order of discussion questions?
Discussion posts are displayed in order of most recent activity. Use the "Pin" option to keep discussion topics ordered in a specific sequence. This will eliminate constant re-ordering of Discussion topics whenever someone posts a reply. Simply drag and drop Discussions from the "Open Discussions" area up to the "Pinned Discussions" area, and re-order them in that space as needed. These Pinned Discussions will now appear at the top of the Discussions page regardless of recent activity. You can change the order of the discussion questions within that “Pinned Discussions” group by clicking on the red cog to the right of each one and selecting the “Move to” option or by dragging and dropping them.

How can I set a discussion to allow students to attach files?
On the "Discussions" page, at the top right of the page click on the cog wheel to the right of the red "+Discussion" button. A pop-up will display allowing you to check boxes to let students create discussion topics, edit and delete their own posts and/or attach files to discussions.


How can I embed video from YouTube on a page?
Instructions are here.

How can I embed a MediaSite video?
After you have uploaded content to Mediasite, go to your Carmen Canvas course home page. Click on the plus sign in a module to add a new item. Select "External Tool" from the dropdown. Scroll down to "Mediasite" and click on it. Then click on "add item" and select the video from your Mediasite listing.


How can I allow students to take a quiz after the due date?
Once the due date for the quiz has passes, click on the Quizzes tab. Click on the Quiz name. Then in the upper right hand corner, click on the cog wheel and select "Let Students Take This Quiz Now." Then either leave the default setting on the pop up box as "No time limit" or input a date in the "Until" field. Click "Unlock". 

How can I give a student extra minutes to take an exam?
First you have to publish the exam. Then click in the upper right corner, a button that reads something like "Moderate this exam". It will pull up a roster of students. Click on the pencil icon to the far right of the student's name who you want to give extra time. Fill in the time amount, etc.

How can I set an assignment to be available to students during a specific time frame?
For an assignment that has a start and end date to actually open up on time, it must be published when it is set up. It won't actually open until the start date. It can have a due date and an "until" date both filled in.

How can I set an assignment so that it doesn't count toward an individual student's grade?
Type an "EX" in the grade area (on the grades page) for the student.

How can I upload papers that I've downloaded and graded?
Instructions are here. (Please note: Files must be in zipped folder and must have same folder and file names they had when the original papers were downloaded from Carmen Canvas. Even the extension ".doc" or ".docx" must be the same as original files submitted.)

What file types do students have to submit so that I can grade papers with Speedgrader?
The assignment must be set to only allow submission of Word (.doc or .docx) file types. Other file types cannot currently be graded using Speedgrader.


How can I see what the students are seeing when they view my course content?
On your course home page, click on “settings” on the bottom left side of the navigation bar. Then click on “Student View” on the upper right hand side of the settings page. You’ll know you are looking at the student view as it will have a bright pink border all around the page. To leave student view, just click on “Leave Student View” in the lower right corner.


How can I set an assignment group to drop the lowest grade?
Click on the cog wheel to the right of the assignment group name. Select Edit. Where it reads, “Number of scores to ignore for each student”, enter the number of lowest grades to ignore. Click Save. 

How can I set an extra credit assignment so that it doesn't count against those who didn't do it?
Type an "EX" in the grade area (on the grades page) for those students.

Where can I find more information about SpeedGrader?

How do I set up groups for my grades? How do I assign percentages for my graded assignments?
Instructions for that can be found here. Grading works best when assignments are set up in groups. Once you've set up assignment groups, you can set the percentages for each group. Basic instructions for doing so are:

  • Open assignments page, click on cog at top of page to right of "+group" and red "+assignment" buttons
  • Click on "Weight final grade based on assignment groups."
  • Click save.
  • Group names will show up and you can assign percentages to each group.


How do I access Turn It In?
To access Turnitin: Go to the assignment. Click "Edit." Under Submission Type, select “External Tool” from the dropdown menu. Then click on “Find”. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and click on “Turnitin Feedback Studio.” It’s best to check the box that reads, “Load this tool in a new tab.” Then “Save.”

How do I allow students to submit a TurnItIn assignment after the due date?
After the due date has passed, click on the assignment name. Then scroll to and click the button that says, “Load Assignment in a New Window”. Then click on the cog wheel in the upper right hand corner. In settings, check the box that allows students to turn assignments in late.


Click on the assignment name. Click on the button within the assignment to load it in a new window. Click on “settings." Click on "optional settings." Under "Originality report generation and resubmissions" select, "Generate reports on due date (resubmissions are allowed until due date)." Click on "Submit" button at bottom of page.

Where can I find more information about TurnItIn?


How can I set a course so students can't access it after a certain date?
Toward the bottom of the vertical navigation bar on the left area of the course home page, click on "Settings." Enter start and end dates. Click the box that reads, "Restrict students from viewing courese after end date" and, if desired, click the box that reads, "Restric students from viewing coruse before start date." Click on red "Update Course Details" button.