Fall 2017 Research Forum

Event Photos



Tyler Webb and Prof. Peter Mansoor

Tyler Webb's project was titled, "The Battling Buckeyes of the 37th Infantry Division." He's pictured here with his advisor, Professor Peter Mansoor. 

Reginald Woods
Reginald Woods' project title was, "The Evolution of Health Promotion in the Iringa Region and its Effectiveness." He is very enthusiastic about the experiences he had in Tanzania and hopes others will embrace education abroad. His advisor was Prof. Jesse Kwiek.
Natalie Brooks and Prof. Thomas McDow
Natalie Brooks and her advisor, Prof. Thomas McDow pose in front of her project poster, "The Impact of HIV Test Counselors in Iringa, Tanzania."
Nanditha Ravichandran
Nanditha Ravichandran was very inspired by her experiences studying and researching in Tanzania. She hopes to return one day. Her project was entitled, "The Perspective of Tanzanian Medical Practitioners on Their Positions in Global Health." Prof. Thomas McDow was her advisor.
Ashley Braddom
OSU student Ashley Braddom discusses her poster, "Human-Bat Interactions in Iringa, Tanzania" at the Fall Undergraduate Research Forum. Ashley participated in the interdisciplinary study abroad program that explores the real world impact of - and response to - HIV/AIDS. The tour is led by history Professor Thomas McDow.
George Andrei and Prof. Nicholas Breyfogle
"Nationality before Nationalism: Ethnic Politics, Geopolitics, and the Sustainability of the Magyar Kingdom in the East (1191-1400)," was George Andrei's project title. His advisor, Prof. Nicholas Breyfogle stopped by his exhibit.
Gabriella Leccese and Prof. McDow
Gabriella Leccese's project was, "How Did the Attitudes Towards Contraception from Catholic Church Impact the HIV Epidemic in Iringa, Tanzania?" Her advisor was Prof. Thomas McDow.
Prof. Stephanie Shaw and Carley Reinhard
Prof. Stephanie Shaw and Carley Reinhard, pictured in front of Carley's poster "Examining African American Slave Migrations through Folklore in the W.P.A. Ex-Slave Narratives." Prof. Shaw was Carley's advisor.
Carley Reinhard and Prof. Clay Howard
Prof. Clay Howard stopped by the Undergraduate Research Forum to discuss student projects. He caught up with Carley Reinhard at her exhibit.
Shannon Phillips
Biochemistry major Shannon Phillips in front of her poster, "Incentive-Based HIV Interventions in Iringa, Tanzania" at the Fall Undergraduate Research Forum. The study abroad program in Tanzania "was a very cool experience," Shannon said. "It was interesting to focus on the interconnectedness of Tanzanian society and culture."
Amber Moore and Prof. Thomas McDow
Amber Moore with her advisor, Professor Thomas McDow. Amber's poster is entitled, "Mental Illness in Tanzania: Understanding Stigma Through Media"
Alex Carter
Alexandria Carter's project is entitled, "Understanding the Perspective of Tanzanian University Students on Health Insurance." Her advisor was Prof. Thomas McDow.
Errienna McKenzie
Errienna McKenzie shared her poster, "The Use of Traditional Medicine in the Treatment of Malaria in Immunocompromised Individuals," during the Fall Undergraduate Research Forum. Errienna is a pharmacology and biology major whose studies took her to Tanzania last summer as part of the interdisciplinary study abroad program led by history professor Dodie McDow. "We were able to visit hospitals and other places that we would not have had access to as a regular tourist. I definitely recommend the study abroad program," Errienna said.

students viewing exhibits