Department of History - Dulles Hall.
Department of History - Dulles Hall.


Cover Title Author Publisher Publication Datesort descending Post Date
Vox Populi: Violence and Popular Involvement in the Religious Controversies of the Fifth Century A.D. Professor Timothy E. Gregory The Ohio State University Press 1979 01/01/1979
Colonialism and Cold War: The United States and the Struggle for Indonesian Independence, 1945–49 Ralph D. Mershon Distinguished Professor Robert J. McMahon Cornell University Press 1981 03/01/1981
John L. Lewis: A Biography Professor Warren Van Tine University of Illinois Press 1986 06/01/1986
The Fruits of Victory: Alternatives in Restoring the Union (Revised Edition) Professor Emeritus Michael Les Benedict University Press Of America 1986 08/01/1986
Paths into American Culture Professor John C. Burnham Temple University Press 1987 12/01/1987
Labor Leaders in America Professor Emeritus Warren Van Tine University of Illinois Press 1987 10/01/1987
From Margin to Mainstream: American Women and Politics Since 1960 Professor Susan M. Hartmann Temple University Press 1989 03/01/1989
The Marshall Plan: America, Britain and the Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947–1952 Michael J Hogan Cambridge University Press 1989 01/01/1989
Ottoman Civil Officialdom: A Social History Humanities Distinguished Professor Carter V. Findley Princeton University Press 1989 03/01/1989
Imperatores Victi: Military Defeat and Aristocractic Competition in the Middle and Late Republic Professor Nathan Rosenstein University of California Press 1990 10/02/1990
Sex and Danger in Buenos Aires: Prostitution, Family, and Nation in Argentina Professor Donna J. Guy University of Nebraska Press 1991 01/28/1991
Marc Bloch: A Life in History Professor Carole Fink Cambridge University Press 1991 06/01/1991
A Family Venture: Men and Women on the Southern Frontier Associate Professor Joan E. Cashin Oxford University Press 1991 10/01/1991
The End of the Cold War: Its Meaning and Implications Michael J. Hogan Cambridge University Press 1992 06/01/1992
Civil War in the Sudan Professor Ahmad Alawad Sikainga I. B. Tauris 1992 04/01/1992
The Environmental Movement In Germany: Prophets and Pioneers, 1871–1971 Emeritus Professor Raymond H. Dominick Indiana University Press 1992 01/01/1992
The Formation of Science in Japan Professor James R. Bartholomew Yale University Press 1993 02/24/1993
The Lost Dream: Businessmen and City Planning on the Pacific Coast, 1890–1920 Professor Mansel Blackford The Ohio State University 1993 01/01/1993
The War of the Fists: Popular Culture and Public Violence in Late Renaissance Venice Professor Robert C. Davis Oxford University Press 1994 01/01/1994
The French Idea of Freedom Professor Dale K. Van Kley Stanford University Press 1995 05/01/1995


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