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Our department has several different websites, each with its unique purpose. 

Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching is at the heart of the OSU Department of History’s effort to promote innovative and effective teaching strategies. The Goldberg Center is committed to advancing cutting edge research, engaged teaching, and substantive community outreach to prepare our students and other citizens to become life-long learners and responsible leaders in all walks of life.


The eHistory website houses a vast collection of primary sources, documentary material, video projects, and more. It offers a window into the past for students and scholars of history.

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective is an online magazine which publishes monthly on globally relevant current events.

History Teaching Institute

The History Teaching Institute at The Ohio State University is the P-16 portal of The Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching at the Ohio State University. It houses many lesson plans for teachers as well as a wealth of historical information.

Clio Society

The Clio Society is comprised of friends of the History Department at The Ohio State University.  Some of them are current and former students of the university; some earned degrees in history; others are current and former faculty members of the department; some have an interest in the History Department and its continued growth in excellence; and all love to read and talk about history.  Members range in ages from 18 to 88 and from history specialists to business people, lawyers, and other professionals who never lost their interest in history. The Society offers several free public talks each year.

Center for Historical Research

The Ohio State University Center for Historical Research provides a stimulating intellectual environment for studying important historical issues around the world.  Each year the Center brings together scholars from various disciplines to examine issues of broad contemporary relevance in historical perspective.  The annual program of the Center is organized around a central theme, which will be explored through a series of twelve seminars.

Temperance & Prohibition

The Temperance & Prohibition website provides a vast amount of information regarding this important period in U.S. history.

Museum of Classical Archaeology

The Museum of Classical Archaeology at Ohio State is designed to provide a significant focus for ongoing teaching, research, and outreach in a number of areas within the University.