Careers in History

Becoming a historian is one path history majors can take. What people sometimes don't realize is that many other careers exist for those who study history. Teachers, archivists, librarians, lawyers, politicians, writers and other careers are often chosen. The skills acquired by history majors prepare them for a variety of career possibilities. 

The word history written on parchment under a puzzle piece.What skills are taught in history courses?

Reading and analyzing information. A method of reading to acquire facts and analyze content.

Effective writing. The ability to communicate ideas successfully in written form.

Critical thinking. The ability to consider information in a variety of ways and across disciplines.

Research. Methods of finding and evaluating information are key skills learned.

Alumni Insights

Some of our history alumni share their career experiences here.

Career paths taken by history majors include the following:

  • Lawyers
  • Foreign Service
    • Work in U.S. Embassy
    • Consular Service
    • Analyst
    • Researcher
    • Public Relations Officer
  • Politicians
  • Researchers
  • Librarians
  • Archivist
  • Businesspeople
  • Writers/Editors
  • Entertainers
  • Teaching at elementary, secondary and college levels
  • Public History
    • National Archives
    • State Archives
    • Local Archives
    • Business Archives
    • Historical Societies
    • Museums
    • Urban Planning
  • Peace Corps / Vista
  • Government Service
  • Community Relations Specialist
  • Press Representative
  • Public Service
  • Foundation Work (United Way, Red Cross)
  • Publicity Coordinator