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Studying History at Ohio State

At The Ohio State University history is alive, and it's probably not what you would expect. In today's world where war, revolution, famine, and social upheaval occur with frightening regularity, history is the key to understanding these crises. History is not a recitation of facts and names, but involves analysis and understanding. History is the sum total of the human experience, and that experience serves as a mirror reflecting today's events.

Ohio State Students in Tanzania
Ohio State Students in Tanzania

Our faculty travel the world conducting research and bring that wealth of knowledge and expertise back to the classroom. Their research topics are wide-ranging from environmental history such as the history of water to ancient history and the study of medieval monastaries. They remain excited about their teaching and research while active in the process of historical inquiry.

Professor Chris Reed and Students in Shanghai
Professor Chris Reed and Students in Shanghai


Among other awards, the following faculty have won the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching.
2022 -- Theodora Dragostinova
2018 -- Bart Elmore
2018 -- Greg Anderson
2015 -- Robin Judd
2013 -- David Hoffmann
2012 -- Hasan Kwame Jeffries
2011 -- Nicholas B. Breyfogle
2011 -- Scott Levi
2009 -- Randolph Roth
2009 -- David H. Steigerwald
2006 -- Geoffrey Parker
2005 -- Mitchell Lerner
1998 -- Mark Grimsley 

Undergraduate Research

The Department of History offers a variety of options for undergraduates to pursue research in history.


Internship Opportunities
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The History Club
Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society)
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"I was able to gain invaluable historical research experience that corresponded with my interest in science, learn effective ways in which to articulate myself through both speech and writing, and develop incredible relationships with professors that really made my experience at OSU so memorable," - Sophie Lee, History Major, Biology Minor