History of World War II Study Program

Study Tour and History Minor at The Ohio State University

World War II Study Abroad Program Students

2016 Program Students at Omaha Beach

Our powerful interdisciplinary academic/study abroad program is an in-depth look at how the Second World War helped shape contemporary issues, providing our program students a strong foundation for their future leadership roles—in their professions, communities, and in the world.


We welcome undergraduate students from every discipline across campus to compete for the 20 places available. During Spring semester, program students take two required courses related to on World War Two: History 3570, History of World War II, the general lecture course with Professor Peter Mansoor; and History 3670, Transnational History of WWII in Europe, the program seminar course with Professor David Steigerwald.  These classes and meetings prepare students for a three-week tour during May semester, History 3798.02. This course studies the war at close range through visits to relevant European museums, battlefields, memorials, Auschwitz, and other sites. Stays include London, Normandy, Paris, Poland, and Berlin. 

Avery Kaminski

“Everyone can read about the events of World War II and come to a basic textbook understanding; but actually visiting the locations where history happened gives you the opportunity to get a much better picture of just how impactful World War II is to the world we live in today. The program furthered my knowledge on World War II by providing me with a personal attachment to events, locations, and stories of the war in Europe.”

Avery Kaminski, History Major and Security and Intelligence Minor, 2016 Program, At Le Memorial de Caen


History Minor In World War II Studies


The History Minor in World War II Studies includes the three program courses plus one of the following electives:

  • History 2475: History of the Holocaust
  • History 3253: 20th Century Europe to 1950
  • History 3263: France in the 20th Century
  • History 3265: 20th-Century German History
  • History 3501: U.S. Diplomacy, 1920-present
  • French 3801: French/American Cultural Relations: From Jazz to Freedom Fries or French 3401: Introduction to Contemporary France
  • German 3351: Democracy and Fascism in German Culture


Sara Wendell at Coleville sur Mer
"It is a special thing to travel the world with friends and mentors who challenge and inspire you. Through this experience, not only did I form valuable friendships, I gained a new perspective on the world. I learned to be critical yet open-minded of everything because nothing in human history is matter-of-fact. We should always strive to question, think critically and deeply, and form our own conclusions about the world and its conflicts, practices I will apply daily in my career.”
Sara Wendell, Public Management, Leadership and Policy, 2016 Program, at Coleville sur Mer.

World War II Endowment Scholarships

Because of the extraordinary generosity of Friends of WWII Studies, this program has an exclusive endowment used only to help defray student costs. All students accepted into the program will be considered for some aid.  Those students who complete the requirements for the Minor program will be considered for the full range of named program scholarships.


Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Students must have completed at least 30 semester hours at Ohio State to apply. A letter of application, student advising report, and a letter of reference from an Ohio State University professor or staff person is due on October 15, 2016. Applications will be accepted only through the Study Abroad web site.
For more information, contact Professor David Steigerwald at steigerwald.2@osu.edu and Tiffany Pierskalla at the Office of International Affairs—Study Abroad at pierskalla.5@osu.edu

Program Costs

Students are responsible for spring semester tuition and fees plus the study abroad program fee. The program fee for this study abroad program for 2016 has not yet been set.  The fee includes all accommodations, all program field trips and excursions, interior travel from London to Berlin, two group dinners, and international health insurance.  Students are responsible for international airfare, pre-departure expenses (passport), non-group meals, and personal expenses.


Ben Eyssen

"Participating in the History of World War II study abroad program was the most life-changing and transformational experience of my life.  The places I visited, things I learned, and people I met have given me a new global awareness that will never stop benefitting me in my personal and professional life."
Ben Eyssen, 2016 Program. Business-Finance Major, 2016 Program, at Bomber Command Memorial, London



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