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Thematic Minor in the History of Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Four courses from the following list will fulfill this thematic minor.

2220 Introduction to the History of Christianity
2221 Introduction to the New Testament: History and Literature
2231 The Crusades
2350 Islam, Politics, and Society in History
2352  Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800
2375  Islamic Central Asia
2351 Early Islamic Society, 610-1258
2451 Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History, 700-1700 CE
2452 Modern Jewish History 1700-Present
2454 History of Anti-Semitism
3045 American Religious History
3214 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Early Christianity
3219 Historical Jesus
3227 Gnostics and Other Early Christian Heresies
3229 History of Early Christianity
3230 History of Medieval Christianity
3245 The Age of Reformation
3304 History of Islam in Africa
3306 History of African Christianity
3351  Intellectual and Social Movements in the Muslim World
3353 Jewish Communities under Islamic Rule
3354 Islamic Spain and North Africa*
3407 Paul and his Influence in Early Christianity
3427 Magic and Witchcraft
3455 Jewish Life from the Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment
3460 European Jewish History, 1789-1989
3465 American Jewish History
3470 Messiahs and Messianism in Jewish History
4350 Readings in Islamic History
4375 Research Seminar in Islamic History
4450 Readings in Jewish History
4475 Research Seminar in Jewish History
4790 Readings in Religious History
4795 Research Seminar in Religious History