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Thematic Minor in the History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

The minor in the history of women, gender, and sexuality would provide a focus for students interested in a wide range of topics, including women’s history, LGBT history, and histories of the family and reproduction. It would build on existing faculty strengths in these areas across regional specialties. All of the courses listed below as part of the minor are offered at least semi-regularly, with many being offered annually. Students who would be interested in this minor could include those preparing for careers in law, public policy, social work, medicine, politics, and the arts with a focus on LGBT and women’s rights, history, and culture, as well as the history and study of sexuality more generally. Four courses from the following list will fulfill this thematic minor.


History 2270 Love in the Modern World
History 2610 Introduction to Women and Gender in the U.S.
History 2630 History of Modern Sexualities

History 3215 Sex and Gender in the Ancient World
History 3214 Women, Gender, & Sexuality in the History of Christianity
History 3411 Gender and Sexuality in Chinese History
History 3620 LGBT History in the United States, 1940 to the Present
History 3630 Same-Sex Sexuality in a Global Context
History 3640 Medieval Women, Power, Piety and Production
History 3642 Women in Modern Europe, from the 18th Century to the Present
History 3650 Families in Historical Perspective

History 4600 Readings in Women’s/Gender History
History 4625 Research Seminar in Women’s/Gender History