Promotion and Tenure Subcommittee


The department maintains and revises with approval of the faculty a document on “Appointment, Promotion and Tenure.” This document, which conforms to College and University policies, sets forth the criteria and procedures according to which recommendations are made concerning appointments, dismissals, promotions in rank, and matters affecting the tenure of faculty. This statement shall be made available to all present and prospective members of the department, and a copy shall be deposited in the office of the Executive Dean of Arts & Sciences and in the office of the Provost. The Chair may ask the Promotion and Tenure Committee or another committee to recommend alterations, deletions, and additions to this document. Such recommendations shall be discussed and voted on by the faculty in meeting.

2021-2022 Subcommittee Members

David Steigerwald, Chair (AY21-22)
Bruno Cabanes (FPL SP22)
Alice Conklin
Peter Hahn (FPL AU21)
Tryntje Helfferich
David Hoffmann
Chris Otter
Ying Zhang