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Statue of Clio by Albert Wolff in front of St. Nicholas Church in Berlin
Statue of Clio by Albert Wolff unveiled in 1871 in front of St. Nicholas Church in Berlin by Bert397, Wikipedia.org, CC By-SA 4.0

In terms of our own times, the Clio Society is highly virtual, except that we will have periodic lectures and meetings. We can freely communicate with each other over the Internet. In terms of ancient times, our organization is more Celtic than Roman. The present convener is Dr. Steve Millett (Ph.D., 1972). His principal associate is Dr. Nicholas Breyfogle, who currently serves as the Director of the Harvey Goldberg Center at the Department of History. Otherwise, we have no structure. We are not requiring any dues or membership registration. If we need funds to cover our costs, especially receptions and live gatherings, we will pass the hat in the good old American fashion.

We want to know what you want from the organization. Please use our contact form and send us a message. Tell us what you would like to get from the Clio Society and how you might help us.

Or contact Steve directly at smillett@columbus.rr.com.