Undergraduate Teaching Committee

The Undergraduate Teaching Committee consists of the undergraduate studies chair, appropriate members of the faculty, a representative from the regional campus faculty, a graduate student, and an undergraduate student. Ex-officio members include the Academic Program Coordinator, the Director of the Undergraduate History Office, the Director of the Goldberg Program, and the Honors Coordinator. The committee has responsibility for the enhancement and evaluation of teaching, the undergraduate major and minor programs, academic advising, and the undergraduate curriculum. 

The Undergraduate Teaching Committee reviews and approves (or rejects) any petition from an instructor of an undergraduate course to assign a textbook authored by the instructor.

2019-2020 Committee Members

Bart Elmore (chair) (2019-2021)
Stephanie Shaw (honors coordinator)
Randy Roth (undergraduate enhancement officer)
Joan Cashin (FPL AU)
Ray Irwin (staff)
Steve Kern
Pete Mansoor
Chris Otter
Joe Parrott
David Stebenne
Margaret Sumner
Ori Yehudai
Marcus Schoof (grad rep)