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Congratulations to Lydia Walker on publication of her new book, "States-in-Waiting, A Counternarrative of Global Decolonization," (Cambridge Univ. Press). 

After the Second World War,…

Christopher McKnight Nichols recently sat down with David Staley for a Voices of Excellence podcast interview. Professor Nichols spoke about isolationism, internationalism, the impact of crises on…

Congratulations to Nicholas Breyfogle, Alcira Dueñas, and Robin Judd on their new appointments to full Professor of History!

Nicholas Breyfogle is a…

In Max Boot's new op-ed, "David Petraeus Warns Israel's Clear and Leave Strategy Won't Work," in The Washington Post he quotes Peter Mansoor as follows:

"In a similar vein, retired Col.…

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Yiğit Akin
Associate Professor and Carter V. Findley Professor of Ottoman and Turkish History