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Thematic Minor in American Politics and Public Policy

Four courses from the following list will fulfill this thematic minor.
Courses from which to choose:
History 2015   History of American Criminal Justice
History 2752   Social Reform Movements in American History
History 3001   American Political History to 1877
History 3002   American Political History since 1877
History 3005   United States Constitution and Society to 1877
History 3006   United States Constitution and Society since 1877
History 3011   The American Revolution & New Nation
History 3012   Antebellum America
History 3013   Civil War and Reconstruction
History 3014   The Gilded Age to the Progressive Era, 1877-1920
History 3015   From the New Era to the New Frontier, 1921-1963
History 3016   Contemporary U.S. History since 1963
History 3040   The American City