The History Department at the Ohio State University aspires to distinction in scholarship, teaching, and service. As a top-tier department in an eminent public university, we seek to advance the highest standards of our discipline. Because we believe that research inspires great teaching, our mission is to promote the finest historical scholarship, and to offer both graduate and undergraduate students the most rigorous and intellectually challenging education. Espousing the values of a diverse and collegial community of historians, we explore connections across areas, eras, and themes. We strive to provide comprehensive and challenging understandings of the complexity of the human past to audiences across the state, the nation, and the world at large. Learn more about our department's inner workings by reading our Pattern of Departmental Administration.
Originally formed in 1879 as the Department of History and Philosophy, our department has a long and varied history. In 1969, Francis P. Weisenburger wrote, "A Brief History of Our Department," which outlines our early years. 
Among other awards, the following faculty have won the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching.
2018 -- Greg Anderson
2018 -- Bart Elmore
2015 -- Robin Judd
2013 -- David Hoffmann
2012 -- Hasan Kwame Jeffries
2011 -- Nicholas B. Breyfogle
2011 -- Scott Levi
2009 -- Randolph Roth
2009 -- David H. Steigerwald
2006 -- Geoffrey Parker
2005 -- Mitchell Lerner
1998 -- Mark Grimsley 

Department of History Officers 2018-2019:

Scott Levi
(Chair Scott Levi)
Chair - Scott Levi
Vice Chair - TBA
Graduate Studies Chair - TBA
Director of Graduate Admissions - Alison Beach
Undergraduate Teaching Committee Chair - TBA
Honors Coordinator - TBA
Library Coordinator - TBA
Graduate Placement Officer - TBA
Undergraduate Enhancement Officer - TBA

Department of History Committee Chairs 2018-2019:

Graduate Studies Chair - TBA
Undergraduate Teaching Committee Chair - TBA
Promotion and Tenure Committee Chair - TBA
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair - TBA
Awards and Prizes Committee Chair - TBA
Grievance Committee Chair - TBA
Salary Advisory Committee Chair - TBA
Workplace Climate Committee Chair - TBA

Other important information:

Center for Historical Research (CHR) - John Brooke, Director
CHR Program 2017-2019: "Revolutions" - Margaret Newell, Program Chair
Goldberg Center - Thomas McDow, Director
Director of Public History - David Staley

Origins Editors - Nick Breyfogle (Ohio State) and Steve Conn (Miami University)
Undergraduate Newsletter Editors - Mary Cayton and Daniel Rivers
ETEP Editor - Tim Gregory
RTAP Editor - Clayton Howard
Parliamentarian - David Stebenne
ASC Senate Delegate -  Stephanie Smith
ASC Senate Delegate Alternate - Chris Reed
University Senate Delegate - Ousman Kobo

Faculty on Leave



FPL = Faculty Professional Leave (leave from teaching & service)
EFS = External Fellowship Subsidy (leave from teaching & service)
SA = Special Assignment (leave from teaching only)
UPL = Unpaid Professional Leave (leave from teaching & service)