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Undergraduate Internships

ward teaching in a French hospital cir 1833-1846


Recent studies show that students benefit greatly from internships, both academically and in terms of future job prospects and salaries.

We encourage history majors to enroll in History 3191, by which earn three credit hours for an internship. Students who enroll get an opportunity to use their historical knowledge and skills—especially research, writing, and analysis--in workplace settings, while developing networks and “trying out” possible career fields.  

Find out more information about internship guidelines and possible locations


History major and eminence fellow Salma Albezreh discusses her experiences during her internship with the Stanford University Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab.

She explains why studying history is important, and how knowledge of history will help her in future medical school studies. She also provides advice for students seeking internships.


History major Will Rosenberger describes what he learned during his internship with the National Veterans Leadership Foundation and shares his thoughts about the advantages of a history degree.


History major Peter Cooper talks about his internship with the Underwater Archaeology Branch of the Navy History & Heritage Command in Washington, D.C. 


History Major Lauren Kennedy talks about her internship with the Jefferson Papers at Princeton University.


History Alums Matt Hill and Hal Tedrow speak about their undergraduate internship experiences in the videos below.


Find out more about Hal Tedrow and his career path following his History B.A.