Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching is at the heart of the OSU Department of History's effort to promote innovative and effective teaching strategies. The Goldberg Center is committed to advancing cutting edge research, engaged teaching, and substantive community outreach to prepare our students and other citizens to become life-long learners and responsible leaders in all walks of life.

Center for Historical Research

The Ohio State University Center for Historical Research brings together scholars from various disciplines to examine issues of broad contemporary relevance in historical perspective.  The annual program of the Center is organized around a central theme, which will be explored through a series of seminars, colloquia, and lectures.

Affiliated Centers

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is an interdisciplinary center in the College of Arts and Sciences dedicated to the study of history, culture, society, technology, and the arts from late Antiquity to the early modern era. CMRS activities promote teaching and research in all aspects of medieval and renaissance culture, including art, music, literature, religion, history, philosophy, and government.

Samuel M. Melton Center for Jewish Studies

The Samuel M. Melton Center for Jewish Studies at The Ohio State University was the first such center at an American public university and remains one of the largest. Approximately thirty-three faculty members from various disciplinary departments are members of the Melton Center, which supports student and faculty travel and research, and runs educational programs on campus and in the community.

Center for the Study of Religion

Ohio State has faculty and graduate students studying religion in every department of the College of Arts and Sciences and many other departments campus-wide. This research is diverse in terms of both historical period and geographical span, although individuals are united by a common interest in the ways in which religion causes, and in turn is affected by, cultural and societal change. The Center for the Study of Religion's work at Ohio State emphasizes the dynamic aspects of religious systems and the importance of studying them within carefully nuanced understandings of the larger social and cultural contexts in which they exist.

Mershon Center for International Security Studies

The Mershon Center for International Security Studies fosters interdisciplinary faculty and student research on national security in a global context.

Humanities Institute

The Humanities Institute's mission is to facilitate emergent research collaborations between humanities faculty and others across the university, and to enable the humanities to act as a significant bridge to the University and the city of Columbus as well as the broader public culture. The Institute seeks to be an active community forum for exchange among scholars and citizens and a place where the University can think creatively about what it does.

Projects and Initiatives

  • RTAP/ETEP are the Department's customised readers: Retrieving the American Past (RTAP) and Exploring the European Past (ETEP)
  • eHistory is a free public site with articles, primary sources, documentary material, online books and reviews for students and scholars of history
  • Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective is an online magazine featuring work by leading historians. It is produced by The Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching and Public History Initiative.     
  • History Teaching Institute (HTI) is the P-16 portal of The Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching.  
  • Museum of Classical Archaeology is designed to provide a significant focus for ongoing teaching, research, and outreach in a number of areas within the University. The museum is located in Dulles Hall 028 (230 W. 17th Avenue) on the main OSU campus.   
  • OSU Excavations at Isthmia: The Ohio State University conducts a program of archaeological research, education, and publication at the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia.

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