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Global Education Programs in History

The Department of History offers a variety of education abroad experiences. Studying abroad allows students to learn about history while absorbing the culture of an area. The links below offer more information about our current programs.

Three students posing in the O-H-I-O in front of the Eiffel Tower
Students in the 2023 Between France and Morocco Program
  • United Nations Climate Change COP 28 in Dubai UAE - Join Ohio State on the frontlines of the battle with climate change at the United Nations' annual climate summit. This program offers advanced training in the history and global politics of climate change. International travel to the summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be the culmination of the three-credit hour autumn 2023 Semester course. This program, led by History Professors Bart Elmore and Nicholas Breyfogle, is open to all majors and ranks. For more information, please contact Jeannie Simmons at simmons.272@osu.edu.
  • Between France and Morocco - This 3-credit hour course is led by Professor Alice Conklin, and will explore the ways in which the experience of modern colonialism helped to shape the cultures of two modern nations: France, which had the world's second largest overseas empire between 1830 and 1962, and Morocco, which France colonized between 1912 and 1956. During two weeks in France and one week in Morocco, we will focus on how these two secular countries, one traditionally Catholic and the other largely Muslim but each with significant religious, ethnic, and racial minorities, have approached the challenges of practicing inclusivity and respecting diversity in the past as well as today.
  • Global Hotspots of the Early Modern World: Buenos Aires, Argentina - This study tour in Buenos Aires, led by Professor Margaret Newell, focuses on the emergence and history of the centers that connected Old and New Worlds and that served as places of innovation in commerce, political structures, and ideas. Students gain knowledge about the origins of global trade, the competition among rising nation-states, the unequal relations between centers and peripheries, and the pathway to economic development that colonial regions followed.
  • Changes in Urban China: Shanghai - This study tour provides a rich opportunity both culturally and academically. Participants study the history, culture and language of Shanghai, the world's largest city, at East China Normal University in Shanghai. Visits to places discussed in class are also included. The program is led by Professor Christopher Reed, a specialist in the histories of modern China and Shanghai.
  • Tanzania - Led by Professor Thomas McDow, this interdisciplinary exploration of the real world impact of—and response to—HIV/AIDS is aimed at students in the sciences and the humanities and combines academic and experiential learning in Tanzania to introduce students to fundamental history and microbiology concepts as they relate to the local HIV epidemic. During this four-week tour, students study the language (Swahili), history, and culture of East Africa, all in the context of the public health response to HIV.

We also offer a Transnational History of World War II. This program differs in that students take coursework on campus the semester before they travel abroad. Led by Professor David Steigerwald, this program studies the war at close range through visits to relevant European museums, battlefields, memorials, Auschwitz, and other sites. Stays include London, Normandy, Paris, Poland, and Berlin.

Buckeyes Abroadcasts

Learn about financial aid and scholarships and hear from past program participants in this Global Education podcast, Buckeyes Abroad, created by the Office of International Affairs.

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College of Arts and Sciences Global Education Scholarships

These scholarships support undergraduate Arts and Sciences majors who are enrolled on the Columbus campus and are participating in an Ohio State approved education abroad program. Students may apply for all of the following scholarships online. Visit the scholarships page for more information and application deadlines. Contact: Ann Rottersman, director of student programs, with questions. 
Keith and Linda Monda International Experience Scholarships: Support undergraduate Arts and Sciences majors who would not normally be able to afford an international experience. Financial need is determined by the Financial Aid Office based on information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must have a current FAFSA on file.
Roth Family Endowment: Open to Columbus campus undergraduate students with a declared major in the arts and sciences who plan to study abroad and are active in the Recruitment and Diversity Services office Program for Advancing Scholarship and Service (PASS). 
​• Scholarships for Humanities Majors: Open to undergraduate students with a declared major in the humanities. Some funds have additional specifications.