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Guidelines for Prospective History Majors

  1. Earn credit for English 1110.
  2. Take the History GE (General Education) course.  If you are interested in being a social studies teacher, you should take History 2001 or History 2002. 
  3. If you have completed a GE history sequence and are planning on majoring in history, History 2800 is the next course you should take.
  4. If you are not able to register for History 2800, you may enroll in any 2000-level history course, and then try to register for History 2800 the following semester.
  5. For other questions regarding GE courses, you should contact Dr. Ray Irwin (irwin.8@osu.edu) for an appointment.
  6. Transfer students who need to have history transfer credit evaluated should make an appointment to meet with Dr. Ray Irwin.  Students need to bring to the appointment the Transfer Credit Evaluation, transcript, course descriptions and syllabi.
  7. If you are sure you want to be a history major, make an appointment with Dr. Ray Irwin.
  8. If you are a declared Honors student, contact Dr. Ray Irwin (irwin.8@osu.edu), 614-292-7101 for an appointment.


"What I love most about history is the way it allows for me to gain some understanding of the feelings and experiences of the past."-Elizabeth Patterson, History Major