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Jane Hathaway - Prof. Hathaway specializes in the Ottoman Empire before 1800, with a particular focus on the Arab provinces. Until recently, her research focused on Egypt and, to a lesser extent, Yemen. Her current research project is a book-length study of the office of Chief Harem Eunuch of the Ottoman Empire. 

Scott Levi - Professor Levi's research focuses on the socio-economic history of early modern Central Asia. He is currently at work on another research monograph, Central Asia on the Frontier of Empires: The Khanate of Khoqand (1799-1876), that seeks to connect the Khanate's rapid rise and fall to larger Eurasian, and global, historical patterns.

Thomas McDow - Prof. McDow's research focuses on the Western Indian Ocean in the 19th century and examines the business and family networks that linked Arabia, the East African Coast, and the African interior. Broadly he is interested in World, Islamic, Indian Ocean, and African History and drawn to themes of trade, migration, diaspora, slavery, and colonialism, with a growing interest in the history of medicine.

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Ousman Kobo

Ahmad Sikainga


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