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Thematic Minor in Military History

The minor field in military history will appeal to students in the intelligence and security major, students focusing on international relations and the use of force in the world today, ROTC cadets, and others interested in the subject matter. Four courses from the following list will fulfill this thematic minor.
2231  The Crusades
2550  History of War
2475  History of the Holocaust
3013  The American Civil War
3216  War in the Ancient and Mediterranean Worlds
3250  Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe
3270  World War I
3375  Mongol Empire
3540  Modern Intelligence History
3550  War in World History, 500-1650
3551  War in World History, 1651-1899
3552  War in World History, 1900-Present
3560  American Military History, 1607-1902
3561  American Military History, 1902-Present
3570  World War II
3580  The Vietnam War
3590  Wars of Empire