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PhD Candidate Vlog by Katherine Weiss

Katherine Weiss is a Ph.D student in History at Ohio State. On her YouTube channel she shares a variety of information about being a graduate student. She kindly agreed to allow us to share some of her videos here.


Planning my Life as a PhD Student | Grad Student Organization



Day in the Life of an OSU Grad Student | Meetings + Research



Preparing to Lead a Grad Seminar | PhD Seminar Discussion



Third Year PhD Review



Analyzing Archival Documents as a Historian



Everything you need to know about PHD Candidacy Exams | PhD Comprehensives



Ultimate Guide to Planning a Research Trip



Archiving in Australia | PhD Summer Vlog



History PhD Summer Week in my Life: Archiving in Australia



Watch more of Katherine's videos on her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@KatherineWeiss