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Honors Program

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Honors students majoring in history complete both the major and the College requirements for “Honors in the Arts and Sciences” and may earn the designation “With Research Distinction in History” upon the successful completion of an undergraduate thesis. Students must complete an honors contract approved by the ASC Honors Committee and maintain a minimum 3.4 GPA.

For honors students majoring in history, the program of study should include enrollment in Honors History 2800, “Introduction to the Discipline of History” and, if possible, honors sections of the 4000-level Readings and Research Seminars. Additional coursework should be taken primarily at the 3000 level. With few exceptions, the honors history major will consist of 39 semester credit hours and all honors students are encouraged to complete a thesis. Hear what some of our honors majors have to say about their research experiences.
Honors students seeking help with their history major should first see Dr. Ray Irwin (Irwin.8@osu.edu). He is available to discuss the honors requirements and help with scheduling classes. 
In the following video, history alum Corey Khan describes the value of writing an undergraduate history thesis.