Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee advises the Chair on concerns relating to the general program of the department, including long-range appointment matters, the annual budget, and other matters the Chair brings to it. The committee is composed of the Chair, the Vice Chair, one staff member elected by the staff, a graduate student elected by the graduate students, an undergraduate representative (who is invited to meetings where appropriate items are on the agenda), and seven faculty members elected by the faculty (two at each rank on the Columbus Campus and one from the regional campuses, with all on-duty faculty appearing on the ballot and with service on the advisory committee considered a major service obligation). Members cannot serve for more than two consecutive years. Elections are held in the spring for the following academic year. All faculty members may vote on the faculty representatives from the three ranks and the regional faculty representative. Ties in the election to the Advisory Committee will be resolved by lottery.

2017-2018 Committee Members

Arenberg, Marc (grad rep)
Bach, Jim (staff)
Breyfogle, Nicholas
Butler, Sara
Cabanes, Bruno
Curtis, Kip
Henry, Lauren (grad rep)
Herschler, Maryssa (undergrad rep)
Howard, Clay
Levi, Scott
Marino, Katherine
Anderson, Greg (ex officio)
Grimsley, Mark (ex officio)
Smith, Stephanie (ex officio)
Stebenne, David (ex officio)