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Message from the Chair

Scott Levi, Professor and Chair, Dept. of History
Scott Levi, Professor and Chair, Dept. of History

Your gifts to the Department of History at Ohio State University empower us to fulfill our mission of publishing the very best research, providing excellent instruction to our students, and advancing the interests of the citizens of Ohio. Your generosity will enable a needy undergraduate to remain in school, assist an ambitious graduate student in travelling to an archive in the United States or abroad, supplement the department’s quest to retain the very best faculty, or otherwise help us to advance our mission.

By following the links below you may direct your contributions to nearly three dozen worthy causes. I would be very happy to discuss with donors other options for major gifts to the Department. Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you very much for your support of the Department of History.

The Politics of Climate: United Nations Climate Change Conference

Profs. Breyfogle and Elmore with Ohio State students in Dubai

Please help our Ohio State students become world changers! The Annual United Nations Climate Summit Program is seeking to send Ohio State students to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 29) in Baku, Azerbaijan, and we need your help! Ohio State students will represent Ohio at the conference, interacting with political, business, technology and international leaders, and share their perspectives on climate change. By attending COP 29, Ohio State students will gain valuable insights into climate negotiations and work to solve the climate crisis.

At COP 29, Ohio State students will build on their work in COP 28, meeting with climate leaders, governmental officials and sharing local perspectives on climate change. The experience will not only enable students to learn more about the issues of climate change, but also allow them to represent Ohio at COP 29. Donations to this campaign will cover the costs of travel to Baku for students admitted to the program.

Find out more about this important gift to provide Ohio State students the opportunity to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference and represent Ohio at COP 29.

Student Scholarships and Funds

In early spring semester, history undergraduates can apply for many of the following departmental awards and scholarships. (There is a separate application process for students in the Transnational History of World War II Program. Students should contact Professor David Steigerwald directly for information about the WWII Study Abroad Program.) 

Award-winners have the opportunity to meet and thank donors at a special luncheon, usually held in April. 

Graduate Student Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Dr. Robert H. Bremner Memorial Scholarship
  • Mansel G. Blackford Student Travel Award
  • Andreas Dorpalen Memorial Fund
  • Foster Rhea Dulles Memorial Award
  • Sydney N. Fisher Memorial Award in Ottoman and Turkish Studies
  • Dolores and Henry Frey Jr. Graduate Research Award in Diplomatic and Military History
  • Genevieve Brown Gist Scholarship
  • Ruth L. Higgins Memorial Scholarship
  • Lieutenant Colonel Sean M. Judge PhD Scholarship in Military History
  • Helen and Harold Kapiloff Award
  • Bradley R. Kastan Award
  • John H. Kauffman Family Graduate Award in American History
  • Tien-yi Li Prize
  • Joseph H. Lynch Memorial Scholarship
  • Williamson Murray Military History Graduate Research Support Fund 
  • Philip P. Poirier Memorial Award
  • Elaine S. and John C. Rule Study Abroad Award
  • Henry H. Simms Award
  • Allan and Helga Wildman Memorial Award
  • Diversity Travel Grant
  • History Faculty Scholarship
  • History Department Summer Research Award
  • Retrieving the American Past Award
  • Carter V. Findley Fellowship for Study of Ottoman and Turkish History

Departmental Funds

Andreas Dorpalen Professorship in European History...Professor Geoffrey Parker
Donald G. and Mary A. Dunn Chair in Modern Military History...Professor Bruno Cabanes
Joe R. Engle Chair in the History of Christianity...Professor David Brakke
Carter V. Findley Professorship in Ottoman and Turkish History...Associate Professor Yigit Akin
King George III Chair in British History...Professor Sara Butler
General Raymond E. Mason Jr Chair in Military History...Professor Peter Mansoor
Samuel & Esther Melton Chair of Jewish History & Studies...Professor Matt Goldish
Saul and Sonia Schottenstein Chair in Israel Studies...Assistant Professor Ori Yehudai
Warner R. Woodring Chair in History...Professor John Brooke

Your gift makes a difference.

Brutus Buckeye and Matthew Raskin
Katie Dorton

"My name is Matthew Raskin, and I am eternally grateful that I received this scholarship. I am a rising fourth year at The Ohio State University and I double major in history and English literature while double minoring in Latin and Medieval & Renaissance Studies. I have taken many history courses revolving around the history of religion as well as the Middle Ages. It is my plan to become a History and English professor one of these days and possibly even become the Department Chair of my future department. I am passionate about making certain that students understand the relevance in the history they study whether they are learning about the Trial of Socrates or those conducted in Nuremberg following the Second World War.

I have learned as a history major that it is critical that we understand that which came before us to better prepare for the future. That might sound like a tired exhortation from an historian, but I think it is important to remember all the same. History is so much more than sitting in a dusty library reading old books to write research reports that no one will ever read, and I feel it is my obligation to future generations to destroy that myth. The medieval period, while temporally distant from our own, matters as much today as it ever has. We live in trying times and regardless of the issue that one mentions I always manage to find a medieval parallel, from the Black Death and COVID-19 to the Crusades and Crises in Israel/Palestine. Even in my current position as an undergraduate, I enjoy sharing and discussing these parallels with OSU’s History Club in which I am the Vice President.

Receiving this scholarship makes my dream of passing on my knowledge to future students that much more accessible and possible. I have several more years of schooling ahead of me since I will need my Ph.D. Therefore, receiving this scholarship, as I have, allows me to get a good deal closer to my goal. It enables me to save more money for my future education without which my road to being a professor would be more difficult. Thus, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that has been provided for me to receive the scholarship."

"My name is Katie Dorton, and I am a third year from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a History major on a pre-Education path. I am honored to receive this scholarship for the 2023-2024 school year, as this scholarship will help me pursue my goal of becoming a history teacher.

Ever since eighth grade, I had a passion for history, thanks to having a wonderful teacher who was able to make learning about history fun. My teacher came up with creative lessons, kept students engaged, and truly cared about all of us. No one felt left out or was worried about tests because my teacher uplifted each student and provided the resources needed to be successful. I want to be that teacher for someone else. I want to get students interested in history—whether it is medical history, U.S. history, ancient history, or mathematical history. Everyone has a place in historical studies and in historiographies as well. In addition, I want to make learning fun and enjoyable. So many students are hard on themselves, so my goal is to create a learning environment that helps students become the best they can be in their own way. This is what I am passionate about.

Thank you for your gracious gift to The Ohio State University. You are helping so many students work toward achieving their goals, and I am very thankful to be granted this scholarship."

Paul McAllister

"My name is Paul McAllister, I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Department of History. Last year, I was incredibly grateful to receive the John H. Kauffman Family Summer Research Award and further my study in American Military History with a specific interest in the experiences of African American Solider between the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries.

The funds provided by the Kauffman Family Summer Research Award boosted my ability to conduct research. My dissertation project looks at African American soldiers and veterans and their experiences with healthcare (systems) between 1914 and 1948. To conduct my research, I needed to take several trips, including a four-day visit to The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City. The material collected during this visit has become the central source in my most recent dissertation chapter. Without the grant, the extent to which I was able to conduct research at the Schomburg Center would not have been possible.

As I enter the final stages of my graduate career, I am enormously appreciative (for) the support. I chose to attend Ohio State for graduate study because of its excellent reputation in the field of Military History, and my experience overall has been everything I thought it would be.

My time in the department has been incredible. The support of the faculty, staff, other graduate students, and donors such as yourself have been invaluable to the development of my project and my development as a scholar. Your assistance has made my research possible, and I know that your continued support will be a great boon to current and future students of the department."

Company Match

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. If your company is eligible, the impact of your gift to The Ohio State University may be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Matching Gifts


How and where you choose to make your philanthropic impact is a very personal decision. Contact Mario Hess-Winburn to explore giving opportunities that match your interests, legacy giving, or endowment funds.