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Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Our history majors have varying backgrounds and interests. Find out about some of them via the Spotlights below.

2024 Spotlights

Maya Goldenberg

Maya Goldenberg describes her experiences as an Ohio State University history major. She talks about her participation in the History Praxis Lab, the Ohio Jewish History project, the Hoffman Leaders & Leadership in History program, her education abroad trip with the Between France and Morocco program, and more.

2022 Spotlights

Max Shafran


Sydney Trem


Alex Bise


Maya Goldenberg


Peter Cooper


Elowen Conley


Troy Cwynar


Abigail Christiansen


Benjamin Kerger


Lauren Sullivan


Will Rosenberger


Mick Rash standing on a large rock overlooking the ocean


Hannah Holbert


2021 Spotlights

Mike Fairman on Everest


Joshua Hochstat


Charlie Zimmerman


Sophie Lee


Tyler Johnson


Angela Volcensek


Lexie Oates


Colin Adler


Erik Ehrenfeld


Carrie Esker


Matthew Raskin with Brutus Buckeye


Elizabeth Patterson


Jacob Feehan


Emily Needham


Lindsey Lawrence


Daniel Adamson


Chris Cortese